Young Blood Takes Over Baltimore Council Seats

After Election Day 2016, the Baltimore City Council will look a lot different than it has looked in some time.

The President’s seat remains with incumbent Bernard “Jack” Young (D), who won against Shannon Wright (R), Libertarian candidate Susan Gaztanaga, and Green Party candidate Connor Meek with 76 percent of the vote.

The following incumbents will return to their respective seats on the Council: Brandon Scott (D) (Second District; 90 percent of the vote); Bill Henry (D) (Fourth District; 88 percent of the vote); Sharon Green Middleton (D) (Sixth District; 90 percent of the vote); Ed Reisinger (D) (Tenth District; 78 percent of the vote); Eric Costello (D) (Eleventh District; ran unopposed); and Mary Pat Clarke (D) (Fourteenth District; 91 percent of the vote).

However, new faces will occupy the remaining eight seats and majority of the Council – and their average age is well under 40.

One of the most contested seats in the General Election for Baltimore City Council was the

Zeke Cohen, Baltimore City First District Council Member-Elect
First District seat, a district where Governor Larry Hogan won by 53 percent of the vote. However, a Republican has not held a seat on the City Council since 1942. Educator Zeke Cohen (D) won the First District seat against attorney Matt McDaniel (R) with 67 percent of the vote. Cohen, 31, is an educator, business owner and former Teach for America graduate who holds a master’s degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

In the race for the Third District, Ryan Dorsey (D) won against Green Party candidate Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis with 86 percent of the vote. Dorsey is a 34-year old who has lived in Baltimore’s Third District his

Ryan Dorsey, Baltimore City Third District Council Member-Elect
entire life. A Baltimore School for the Arts and Peabody Conservatory grad, he works as a project manager at a local family business started by his grandfather.


Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer (D) won the Fifth District against write-in candidate Derrick Lennon with 92 percent of the vote. Schleifer, 27, takes over the seat occupied for many years by Rochelle “Rikki” Spector, known as the “Dean” of the

Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer, Baltimore City Fifth District Council Member-Elect
City Council and “Grande Dame” of MACo. Spector did not run in this election. Schleifer is a small business owner, community association vice-president, husband, father, business degree holder and local senior center board member.


Leon Pinkett, Baltimore City Seventh District Council Member-Elect
Leon Pinkett (D) won the Seventh District seat against Tamara Purnell (R) and Nnamdi Scott (other) with 83 percent of the vote. Pinkett, 48, is an assistant deputy mayor for economic and neighborhood development with the City of Baltimore. He is an assistant pastor, husband, and father of two who was born and raised in the city.


Kristerfer Burnett, Baltimore City Eighth District Council Member-Elect
Kristerfer Burnett (D) took the Eighth District seat against Joseph Brown (R) with 91 percent of the vote. Burnett, 30, is a lifelong Baltimorean who holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Maryland. He has experience community organizing for the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) and Comprehensive Housing Assistance Inc.


The Ninth District seat goes to John Bullock , Ph.D. with 92 percent of the vote. Bullock, 37, ran against Kenneth Earl Ebron (R) and Green

John Bullock, Ninth District Council Member-Elect
Party candidate Jamie Latear Frierson. Bullock is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Towson University, where he teaches courses in Urban Politics and Metropolitan Studies. Recently, he served as Executive Director of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance. He has an extensive background in public service including fellowships with both the Baltimore City and District of Columbia Mayors’ Offices.


District Twelve, another hotly contested seat, went to Robert Stokes (D), who won with 71

Robert Stokes, Twelfth District Council Member-Elect
percent of the vote against Green Party candidate Ian Schlakman and unaffiliated candidates Frank Richardson and Dan Sparaco. Stokes, 58, is unrelated to current seat holder and former Mayoral candidate Carl Stokes, but served as his legislative aide for the previous six years.



Last but not least, Shannon Sneed (D) won the Thirteenth District against George Johnson

Shannon Sneed, Baltimore City Thirteen District Council Member-Elect
(R) with 93 percent of the vote. Sneed, 35, is the director of recruitment for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and has worked as a producer for WJZ-TV and in communications for the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development. She has served as a board member for Belair Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. and the Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation.


All percentage results are current as of November 9 at 7am, but not necessarily final.  For updated information, visit the State Board of Elections.