City Council Considers Lobbying & Procurement Transparency Bill

A Baltimore Sun article (2016-10-29) reported that the Baltimore City Council is considering legislation to require the City’s finance department and ethics board to post searchable lists of all entities that have done business with the City during the last calendar year and all registered lobbyists. According to the article, the lists already exist but residents must request them. From the article:

“These are things I feel the public should have access to,” [bill sponsor and City County President Bernard “Jack”] Young said. “People can see the big picture of what’s going on.” …

The bill gained the unanimous approval of the council’s Judiciary and Legislative Investigations committee this week. It will go to the full City Council for a vote next month. …

The city finance department testified in favor of the legislation.

In the article, Young asserted that there was widespread support on the Council for the bill.

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