Addressing $275m Shortfall, Metro Makes Tough Decisions

Metro’s proposed fiscal 2018 budget, due for presentation to its board next week, will propose layoffs for 100 employees, reports The Washington PostGeneral Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld informed Metro staff that individuals will find out next week whether their jobs are at risk. The Post reports:

Metro is facing a $275 million budget shortfall, and Wiedefeld is scheduled to formally present his financial plan to the Metro board on Thursday. He is expected to announce a mix of budget fixes that could have a dramatic effect on both Metro staff and commuters, including possible fare hikes and bus or train service cuts. He may also request additional money from the three jurisdictions that provide operating funds to Metro.

Metro’s fiscal 2018 begins on July 1, 2017. Governor Hogan has indicated that he has no desire to support additional taxes to address Metro’s funding needs, but has since softened his opposition to a local/regional revenue-generating option.

WMATA’s operations are funded through operating revenues (51 percent) and subsidies provided by Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia (49 percent). Maryland’s fiscal 2017 budget includes $323.4 million in operating subsidy for Metro and $127.6 million in capital funds. More data is available in the Department of Legislative Service’s Operating Budget Analysis for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.