Free Open Data Sites for Small Counties

The Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement is offering microsites to local governments with less than 100,000 people.


From the Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement:

Do you work for a county, city or town with a population of under 100,000 that wants its own Open Data site for free? The State of Maryland’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is offering an opportunity for small governments to publish Open Data through already available websites and tools.

What is the cost?


What will the MicroSite look like?

Each microsite can be personalized for a unique look, with customizable logos and scrolling banners. The data can be powered by existing Open Data Portal datasets or datasets owned by the local government.

What is the data limit?

Each microsite is eligible for up to 50 datasets total (with practical limits on how much data a single dataset can contain). An unlimited amount of graphs, data visualizations, maps, and views can be built on the 50 datasets.

Where will the MicroSite be hosted?

On the statewide Open Data catalogue at

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