Prince George’s Officials, Community Members To MTA: No Wall

Some community members and local officials are urging the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to reconsider Purple Line plans to place the Riverdale Park station in Prince George’s County atop a 26-foot tall concrete wall. The activists fear that the wall will split a striving commercial district, reports the Washington Post.

MTA amended the Purple Line design last year to replace a bridge structure with the wall, which MTA officials report saves the project $5-6 million. The change is one among 41 that the state made to the original Purple Line plans to cut costs. According to the Washington Post,

State officials say the cost-cutting measure was needed to move the $5.6 billion project forward. But the changes have ignited an outcry among residents and local elected officials who view the 500-foot-long, 47-foot-wide wall as an unacceptable alternative and a threat to the area’s revitalization efforts.

A group of business and civic leaders have gathered more than 600 signatures on a petition against the plans for the wall. MTA officials have said that the design is not final and may change, subject to funding.

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