WYPR Discusses Anne Arundel County’s Schools, Taxes & More with County Executive Schuh

In a recent radio broadcast of Focus on the Counties, WYPR discusses Anne Arundel County’s economic, social and environmental policies with County Executive Steve Schuh.

Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh
Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Government

Schuh campaigned for the County Executive job on a 5-point platform of economic, social and environmental reforms, including: cutting taxes; accelerating school construction and building smaller neighborhood schools; improving public safety systems; reforming county-government agencies to make them more responsive to residents; and cleaning up the county’s waterways.

Tom talks with County Executive Steve Schuh about how well he’s been able to meet those goals.

Visit WYPR online to listen to the broadcast and click here to find out more about the Focus on the Counties series from WYPR.