Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. Offers New Educational Website for Public Sector Investors

Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. has recently launched a new educational website as a source for its institutional and public sector investors. The new website focuses on educating and supporting investment professionals of all experience and skill level, employing easy to read, online reference materials.

According to Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. press release,

The site’s features enable visitors to become acquainted with a variety of topics and resources which will help support their investing needs and goals. The Institute’s featured topic is the Public Funds Investor Guide, which can be used by public treasurers, investment officers, finance officers, directors and investment committee members. The guide offers in depth information about policies, processes and other useful information to help public funds investors make well-informed investment decisions.

“We wanted to create a useful and relevant tool to keep our investors well-educated. We are excited about our website launch and the robust information it provides to investors,” said David Maccagnone, Chairman and CEO of Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.

There is no cost associated with the website, but visitors will need to register online to use the site.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website at

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