School Anchors Hagerstown Arts and Entertainment District

The Barbara Ingram School is an anchor to Hagerstown’s growing arts district.

 MACo’s Board of Directors tour Washington County, home of MACo President County Commissioner John Barr and learn about the path towards revitalization in the county seat.

MACo’s Board of Directors tour Washington County, home of MACo President, County Commissioner John Barr, and learn about the path towards revitalization in the county seat.

The Maryland Theatre and Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, along with the recently renovated Washington County Free Library in Hagerstown’s City Center, represent the beginning of a master plan to continue renovation of historic structures and improve an arts and entertainment district in the city.

Joint efforts and funding from the County, the Board of Education, the State of Maryland, the City of Hagerstown developers, and private donors are making progress possible.

The 100 year old Maryland Theatre is the home of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra and Miss Maryland Pageant, and is a venue for major performers that visit the region. Everything from renowned comedians to broadway caliber plays fill the Theatre bringing thousands of people to City Centre on any given weekend.  It also acts as an anchor for oudoor events like Wind Down Friday’s with bands in the courtyard, and sporting events such as marathons and national bike races.

Student artwork on the studio art floor of Barbara Ingram School-each floor is dedicated to one type of art.

The only performing arts school west of Baltimore, the Ingram School provides opportunities to County youth, and also helps feed back into the local economy by bringing parents of arts students into town to visit and patronize local restaurants while the students break between the school days course work and evening studio time and rehearsals. Students at the school also perform routinely at the school’s black box theatre, and provide high quality shows each year at the Maryland Theater, just next door to the school.

Additional planned-for projects include:

*   A multi-functional museum converted from an existing fire hall
*   A ballroom converted from an old bell tower for additional performance and multi-use space.
*   Additional space for the Maryland Theater and the Ingram School
*   Expansion of the University of Maryland Hagerstown and instructional space for the County Board of Education using an Urban Educational Campus concept
*   A plaza to the rear of the project area tying pedestrian movements into the anchor institutions, with shops, housing opportunities, and space for outdoor venues adding to the appeal of City Center

The Washington County Urban Improvement Project is currently being designed and constructed in phases through true public/private partnerships known as P3’s.

For more information, contact the Washington County Office of Public Relations and Community Affairs at

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