Kent County Provides Comprehensive Plan Update

A MyEasternShoreMD article (2016-05-20) reported that the local Council of Governments received a status report on the update to Kent County’s comprehensive plan on May 18. Kent County Director of Planning, Housing, and Zoning Amy Moredock stated in the article that the last significant update to the County’s plan was in 2006. State law requires plans to be reviewed (and updated if necessary) every 10 years. Attendees also heard from Earth Data Planning and Water Quality Consultant Sandy Coyman. From the article:

“You really have a great plan. So we’re not looking at wholesale changes. We’re just looking to bring it up to date and move it forward,” [Coyman] said.

Coyman said one update includes how the population growth in the county has been trending in the past decade.

He said research shows that though a slow and steady upward spike has been seen in Kent County, and is projected to continue, it has been skewed toward the elderly.

“People are moving here because it’s a great place to live, but we’re not seeing a lot of young people or children,” Coyman said.

The article also contained Coyman’s comments about the strong public outreach efforts the County has undertaken and key scheduling dates. He indicated that final action on the plan should be next January. Moredock and Coyman also stressed the County’s desire to coordinate with its municipalities during the process:

Moredock asked the town officials for help with creating a map that properly reflects all growth areas throughout the county.

“The county’s plan does specifically have a policy in there that they want to work with the towns and that the towns’ future land use will really be based on coordination,” Coyman said.

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