Future of Tri-County Animal Shelter at a “Crossroads”

The fate of the animal shelter which serves Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties, is in the air as county commissioners consider immediate renovation needs and long-term solutions.

Options to continue to fund a single shelter, build a new shelter, or construct individual county shelters were all on the table at the joint meeting for the tri-county Boards of County Commissioners on Tuesday.

As reported in a Calvert County press release:

During the meeting, Calvert County Animal Control Chief Craig Dichter briefed the commissioners on various areas of concern at the TCAS including the lack of air conditioning in the 71 dog kennels, needed expansions and additional staff. There was also debate on whether the shelter should shift to a “no-kill” facility. The boards agreed to address the air conditioning issue within 30 days and decide on the shelter’s future in 90 days.

“Clearly we are at a crossroads with the shelter,” said Calvert County Commissioner President Evan Slaughenhoupt, Jr. “Our populations and demographics have significantly shifted since the shelter opened in the mid-1960s. Now each county has different fee structures and licensing regulations.

The respective boards of commissioners are seeking public comment before moving forward and may be contacted as follows:

• Calvert County at Commiss@co.cal.md.us or call 410-535-1600 or 301-855-1243, ext. 2202.
• Charles County at Commissioners@CharlesCountyMD.gov or call 301-645-0550
• St. Mary’s County at CSMC@stmarysmd.com

For more information read the Calvert County press release or watch the video from Tuesday’s Joint Meeting of the Boards of County Commissioners.