Governor Hogan Welcomed to #MACoCon, Offers Look Ahead

Governor Larry Hogan joined the large crowd at the MACo Winter Conference to swear in the Association’s new leadership, and to offer thoughts on the year ahead.

The Governor was well received by the large crowd, as he recounted some of his recent battles with cancer. He commented on a full range of topics- discussing the state’s business competitiveness and tax rates, the efforts to combat heroin and opioid misuse and overdoses, and the Administration’s desire to partner with local leaders.

His renewed commitment to reinstate local transportation funding, however, drew enthusiastic support from the county leaders, who have seen that major funding source all but dry up in recent years. From coverage on the MarylandReporter website:

The governor reiterated his oft-stated promise to restore the highway user revenues taken away during the tight budget years of the O’Malley administration. Getting back the road funding has been a top priority for county and municipal officials for several years.

“Restoring the money raided from the transportation trust funds is one of the administration’s top priorities,” Hogan said. “Our goal is to get them back to their original high point of 30%” of revenues generated by the gas tax.

Among his closing comments, the Governor emphasized his desire to work with MACo leadership and county officials, emphasizing “You have a friend in the Governor’s office.”

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties