Secretary Craig Discusses MDP’s Role With Local Governments

[photo, David R. Craig, Maryland Secretary of Planning]
Maryland Secretary of Planning David Craig (Photo from the Maryland Manual On-Line)
Secretary of Planning David Craig offered his perspective on the role of the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) at the October 15, 2015, meeting of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland. In his comments, Craig explained the two top priorities of MDP were: (1) communicating with and assisting local governments; and (2) communicating with other state agencies.

“I view our role is to help the local governments,” Craig stated and then added that MDP must “realize one [size] does not fit all.”  He stressed that MDP is an “advisory and not a regulatory body” and highlighted the Department’s commitment to providing planning assistance to local governments, especially small municipalities that lack dedicated planning staff. The Secretary cited MDP’s regional planner system and its new Reinvest Maryland initiative as examples of local government outreach.

Craig also explained the important role MDP plays in communicating with other state agencies.  MDP is required to provide its opinions and thoughts on a variety of issues handled by other state agencies, such as county water and sewer plans.  Craig stated that MDP plans on sharing its inter-departmental comments on such issues directly with any affected local governments.

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