Montgomery County Brings Housing Applications into the Digital Age

In a move designed to bring ease and efficiency for residents applying for housing programs, Montgomery County has created a new online application and website. As reported in The Washington Post:

A new Web site from the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County will allow applicants to submit a single form to apply to multiple housing programs. The system will also reopen housing program waitlists that have been closed since 2008.

It will be the first all-electronic application system in the country, said HOC Executive Director Stacy Spann. “We’re trying to change how people think about housing people.”

The original application was available only on paper and required applicants to submit various forms for each individual housing program.

The online application allows people to apply for more than one program and can be accessed at libraries and all county housing offices. It also assists the county on the back-end by streamlining the process for contacting applicants.

For more information read the full article in The Washington Post.