Article Critiques Idea of a National Minimum Wage

Courtesy of Pew Research Center.

A recent article in Vox points to the problems with the idea of a national minimum wage, an idea which has been referred to favorably by several presidential candidates.  The article describes the differences in economic environments through the country connecting it with the reasons why a lower minimum wage in some areas could lead to more jobs.

Referencing Pew’s data on cost of living in the map above, the article states,

There are basically two ways you can think about what this map is saying, and they both point in favor of a differentiated minimum wage.

  • In humanitarian terms: You don’t need such a high wage in Nebraska to achieve the same living standard as you need in New York City.

  • In business terms: A high minimum wage is much more of a disincentive to hire workers in Nebraska than it is in New York City.

Maryland’s General Assembly recently enacted a new statewide minimum wage.  In the same year, counties in the Washington area passed legislation for a higher minimum wage in their region. For more information, see our previous posts, Governor Signs Minimum Wage Law and Advocates Mark Increase in Montgomery County Minimum Wage.

For more information about the national minimum wage, see the full story from Vox.