Increased Costs Lead to Higher Retiree Health Premiums in Calvert

Calvert County Commissioners voted last week to increase retiree health insurance premiums to help offset increased program costs. As reported by Southern Maryland Newspapers Online,

Overall, because of increasing health care costs, the county’s medical and pharmacy-related premiums need to increase by about 5.5 percent, according to a staff memo. The county pays a different percentage of the premium depending on how long ago the person retired and for dependents.

Last week, the commissioners requested more information on alternatives. The county typically pays for 80 percent of retiree health costs while employee and retiree premiums are 20 percent, according to a staff memo. Any increase must be taken up by the retirees, the county or active employees.

The staff memo also states that increases may be limited based on the plan selected by the retiree.