DHMH Updates State Health Improvement Process Goals

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) has released new State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) targets for 2017 and updated goals in the five vision areas.  As announced in the Department’s Press Release:

“These 2017 targets set ambitious goals for all 39 measures,” DHMH Secretary Van Mitchell says. “It is important to have advancing standards for the state’s public health and to build on the success Maryland has seen in recent years.” The goals were established based on national, Healthy People 2020 objectives and through consultation with various program offices within DHMH and other state agencies.

For the 2017 targets, some measures have been removed or revised, and three measures have been added. The three new measures are: (1) increase the percentage of adults with a usual primary care provider, (2) reduce the percentage of uninsured emergency department visits, and (3) reduce dental-related emergency department visits. These changes reflect the changing health care environment in Maryland, including the expansion of insurance coverage and the transformation of the health care delivery system to focus on value rather than volume. Overall, the measures maintain a focus on the wide range of factors that impact health from birth to late adulthood.

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