Kent County – Increased Revenues Still Fall Short of Expenditures

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As Kent County officials begin work on the fiscal 2016 budget, county revenues are expected to grow by approximately $2 million, from $44.8 million in the current fiscal year to $46.8 million. This increase is mostly attributed to increased local income tax revenues.

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Overall expenditures this year are anticipated at $51.3 million, up more than $4 million over fiscal 2015. The county anticipates making up the roughly $4.4 million difference between revenue and expenditures by drawing on its fund balance. The bottom line shows the county with a $6 million fund balance at the end of the coming fiscal year.

The biggest single slice of the budget goes to fund the county schools. This year’s board of education budget requests are projected to be about $18.3 million, an increase of $236,516, or 1.3 percent, from fiscal 2015.

County departments have requested operating budgets totaling $6.57 million for the coming fiscal year. That is roughly $860,000 more than last year. County roads account for the largest share of the total, at just under $250,000. The planning office is next at $121,000. The detention center at $91,000 and the Nicholson landfill at $90,000 are the next largest components of the budget.

County Commissioners are holding budget work sessions every Tuesday prior to their regularly scheduled meetings.