MACo Supports Continuing Ambulance Service Providers Program

Natasha Mehu, MACo Policy Analyst, testified to the Senate Finance Committee on March 25, 2015 in support of SB 869, Health Insurance- Ambulance Service Providers- Direct Reimbursement- Repeal of Termination Date. This bill removes the sunset provision on a law that requires insurers, health maintenance organizations and nonprofit health services to directly reimburse local and volunteer ambulance service providers. This process is fair, efficient and ensures that the ambulance providers are compensated for services they provide.

The written testimony explains the current process:

Many local jurisdictions provide emergency response, treatment, and transport services to deal with critical, life-threatening emergencies. Currently, an insurance provider must directly reimburse any ambulance service provider that is owned, operated, under the jurisdiction of, or contracted with a political subdivision of the State, or a volunteer fire company or rescue squad for their services if the ambulance company is not a participating provider.

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