MACo Action Alert: Contact House Judiciary Members to Vote YES on House Bills 368 & 898

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MACo Action Alerts


Contact your Delegates on the House Judiciary Committee to Vote Yes on House Bills 368 & 898


HB 368 & 898 would provide much needed civil immunity protections to law enforcement officers and first responders assisting a drug overdose victim.


Passing HB 368 & HB 898 would mean:

  • Officers can take life-saving action using medication to reverse an overdose without worry of unjustified lawsuits
  • Officers still have to be properly trained and will have to act dutifully without gross negligence for protection
  • Counties and their tax-payers will be spared the time and expense of any unjustified lawsuits
  • More law enforcement agencies with trained and equipped officers will lead to more lives saved

As heroin and prescription opioid overdose deaths continue to rise, the Good Samaritan protections these bills provide are in the best interest of public health and public safety.


2015 House Judiciary Committee

MACo’s Testimony for HB 368

MACo Contact: Natasha Mehu, Policy Analyst