MACo Supports the Maryland False Claims Act

MACo’s 1st Vice President John Barr and Executive Director Michael Sanderson, testified to the House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee today, February 25, in support of HB 405 and SB 374 respectively, the Maryland False Claims Act. Modeled after the Federal False Claims Act, this bill would provide an additional method that a county government could use to recover damages against someone who knowingly makes a false claim against the county to receive benefit. For example, a contractor who falsify services that they are providing to a county.

Commissioner Barr noted Washington County’s extensive support for civic and nonprofit organizations in the community, stating that the anti-fraud elements of the bill would “add confidence in our ability to keep providing that funding.”

The written testimony explains has several examples of how this bill would protect counties.

For more on MACo’s 2015 legislation, visit the Legislative Database.