MACo Seeks First Responder Immunity for Drug Overdose Responses

MACo’s Policy Analyst, Natasha Mehu, presented testimony to the House Judiciary Committee today, February 25, in support of HB 368, Civil Actions- Immunity from Liability- Emergency Medical Care for Drug Overdose. This is a MACo initiative this year and MACo helped draft the language in this bill. HB 368 provides civil immunity protections to properly trained law enforcement and emergency medical services responding to a drug overdose, in an effort to reduce overdose-related deaths.

The written testimony states:

HB 368 contributes to the State’s efforts to curb opioid abuse by ensuring that a first responder acting dutifully, responsibly, and in good faith to administer care during an overdose is not open to litigious action for the emergency care they provided.

For more on MACo’s 2015 legislation, please visit the Legislative Databse.