Administration Introduces Legislation to Restore Local Share of Highway User Revenues

Governor Hogan, as a part of his legislative package, has introduced legislation (HB 484 / SB 591)  to restore local highway user revenues back to their historic 30% share over the next eight fiscal years.

Since 2010, the former $555 million budget given to local jurisdictions for local transportation funding, has been drastically cut back to $167 million. Prior to Fiscal Year 2010 local governments received 30% of highway user revenues, now funds received have dropped to 9.6%. The cumulative loss of roadway investment across our state is approximately $2.1 billion in the past six years.

Senator Roger Manno has also introduced legislation (SB 181)  to restore local highway user revenues, however his bill would do so over four years. A panel of local officials and a MACo representative testified in support of this legislation in the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee earlier today.

Restoring these funds is MACo’s top priority for the 2015 legislative session.


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