New Council Member Kilmer Shares Council’s Goal: A Better Wicomico County

From a recent Op-Ed piece in the Salisbury Independent, new Wicomico County Council Member Marc Kilmer reveals what the next four years in Wicomico County might look like and how the council shares a common goal of a better Wicomico County.

Wicomico Council Member Marc Kilmer, Courtesy of Salisbury Independent
Wicomico Council Member Marc Kilmer, Courtesy of Salisbury Independent

Council Member Kilmer writes:

With new faces in the county executive’s seat and on the council, it means something of a departure from how things were done in the past.

However, doing things differently doesn’t mean that we’re embracing a “Culture of No.” Every elected official shares the goal of a better Wicomico County. Laws, policies, and personnel are merely the means to achieve that end.

Certainly, county residents and elected officials differ on how we can make Wicomico County better. But broadly speaking, we all want an improved economy, quality education, and safer streets.

within our first few months in office, it’s likely that we will accomplish three major initiatives:

The first, passed in late December, was approving a searchable online database for county spending. The second would be placing a moratorium on the so-called “impact fee” for new home construction. The third would be gaining county approval to move us toward an elected school board.

To read more about Wicomico County’s goals and what the future may hold, please visit the Salisbury Independent online.


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