MACo January 2015 Winter Conference Session – How Hard Can It Be? An Introduction to County Planning & Zoning

MACo’s January 2015 Winter Conference is rapidly approaching and will take place from January 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland.  The theme of the conference is “The Road Ahead” and will focus on local government legislative priorities for the upcoming General Assembly Session, integrating newly elected officials, and building relationships with new legislators and the new Administration.

One panel will provide an overview county planning and zoning, including how counties must often balance competing stakeholder concerns.

Description: Planning and zoning decisions are among the most challenging and controversial issues facing a county elected official. Planning and zoning is a complex and formidable process – just what are those “visions” about anyway? As a county navigates this process, it must balance valid but often competing concerns from different stakeholders, including developers, businesses, agriculture, environmentalists, and county residents. Panelists will provide an overview of the planning and zoning process, discuss how to handle the “push and pull” between different stakeholder groups, and highlight recent significant land use changes at the State level.


  1. Jon M. Laria, Chair, Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission
  2. Adrian Gardner, General Counsel, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
  3. Eric Soter, Principal, Rodgers Consulting

Date & Time: Thursday, January 8, 2015; 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

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