Wicomico County Executive-elect Culver Eyes Transition Ahead

Wicomico County Executive-elect Bob Culver, courtesy of Wicomico County Government

Wicomico County Executive-elect Bob Culver has made it known that he doesn’t plan on making any drastic changes as soon as he becomes sworn-in on December 2.

The DelmarvaNow.com article reported

While Culver rode a wave of Republican support into his new position, he said he doesn’t have any plans of throwing out any major county employees quite yet.

“The rumor going around about me cleaning house is not true,” Culver said. “I hope to keep everyone right now.”

County attorney Edgar Baker confirmed Culver will have six months to make appointments to 10 county departments.

Baker added while Culver will make the appointments, all selections will have to be approved by a majority vote by county council, which is currently made up of six Republicans and one Democrat.

“I have no intentions right this minute of changing anybody…” Culver said.

He added his transition team, comprised of lawyers, accountants and business leaders, will be speaking to the various heads of each county department to talk about the issues they feel they currently face to help Culver create a plan to begin employing his vision of less government intervention and taxes on small businesses.

He wouldn’t not go as far to say that everyone was safe, saying “if I was buying a business, I would wait six months” before making substantial changes to any of the county departments.

But as a final comment, he did say that he doesn’t plan on simply riding out the end of 2014 when he’s sworn into office on Dec. 2.

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