St. Mary’s Commissioners Adopt Technical Name Change

The St. Mary’s County commissioners will slightly alter their “corporate name” when the new board takes office December 1. The technical name change arises from some recent confusion in formal interactions.


Instead of formally being known as the Board of County Commissioners of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, the name is being changed to the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County.

“This is basically the ultimate housekeeping measure,” George Sparling, county attorney, told the commissioners Tuesday.

A discrepancy was recently discovered when the St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation and Parks sent paperwork with the commissioners’ revised name that didn’t match what other state offices had on file, Sparling later said in an interview. “One of the state agencies dealing with our department said no,” because of the name discrepancy, he said.

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation had on its file the corporate name of the St. Mary’s commissioners as “Board of County Commissioners of St. Mary’s County.” The name will now be amended to “Commissioners of St. Mary’s County” following the board’s vote.

Sparling said later the commissioners’ name change “isn’t legally significant” and won’t affect land records or transactions already recorded, but county government letterheads will be changed. The acronym “BOCC” for board of county commissioners will no longer be in effect in December.

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