Charles County Plans to Launch a New Marketing Strategy and Plan

As reported by Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, the Charles County Department of Economic Development & Tourism plans to launch a new marketing strategy and plan on October 1.

Debra Jones, the county’s business development manager for attraction and recruitment, spoke before the Western Charles County Business Association on Tuesday night about the marketing scheme, which came about from a goals and objectives session held in July by the Charles County commissioners.

Jones said that the overall objectives of the plan are to increase the county’s commercial tax base and the number of high-paying jobs in the county for residents. The plan is distinct from and more encompassing than the economic gardening plan introduced in 2011 by the county, but will not replace the 2011 plan.

“What we’re focusing on is increasing the jobs in the county that pay $40,000 [a year],” Jones said. In developing the plan, 34 local business owners were interviewed about what is going well and not going well in the county for businesses.

The county has a two-year timeline for launching the plan.