Harford Council Members Withdraw Council Pay Raise Legislation

Harford County Council President Billy Boniface and Council Member Mary Ann Lisanti have withdrawn legislation that would have increased salaries for council members in the next four-year term. Instead, they have introduced a resolution recommending that the county executive provide raises to county employees. As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

Council President Billy Boniface and Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti announced Thursday night they are pulling the controversial bill that would give their successors on the council a pay increase.

He and Lisanti will instead introduce a resolution Tuesday recommending the county executive enter into an agreement with the Board of Education, Sheriff’s Office, Harford County Public Library, Harford Community College and their respective bargaining units.

Legislation to increase the county executive’s salary is still under consideration.

The legislation would set the county executive’s base annual salary at $130,000. The existing base salary, set in 2004, is $90,000; however, subsequent annual increases tied to the Consumer Price Index have moved the executive’s current salary to $105,136.