Garrett County Commissioners Defer Action On Water/Sewer Boundary Changes

Garrett County Commissioners deferred action on updating the county’s water and sewer service area boundaries stating that more more specific notifications regarding potential ad valorem tax rates should be given to customers and that other details should be clarified.

As reported by the Cumberland Times-News,

The master plan has not been updated in full since 1997 and, once it is completed, it will include a review of all sewer and water service areas. Commissioner Gregan Crawford made a motion to approve the plan but it was opposed by both Chairman Robert Gatto and Raley. Both said more time was needed to sort through the boundaries.

Commissioners are concerned that the proposed boundary changes will increase the rates homeowners pay for water and sewer services.

Properties outside the service areas won’t be affected by the proposed amendment changes but those located within the service areas are subject to ad valorem taxes where applicable and may be subjected to a mandatory connection. The ad valorem tax rate is not yet known and there could be 18 different rates because they are based on the number of properties, the assessed value and debt owed on a particular system.