Rawlings-Blake Reaffirms Commitment To Red Line

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Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently reaffirmed her commitment to the Red Line Transit project saying the City’s share would come from a combination of cash and in-kind contributions. As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

The state has asked the city to contribute $200 million.

Creating a new fee to help support the project is something she hopes to avoid.

“That is certainly not a goal,” Rawlings-Blake said. “As hard as I have worked to reduce the burden of property tax on our residents, I certainly don’t see an additional increase as the first option.”
When asked more directly about the negotiations and City’s contribution,
Rawlings-Blake said negotiations with the state are continuing. She didn’t have an immediate breakdown on how much of the city’s contribution would come from in-kind contribution, and she didn’t specify what those offerings might be. She did say that she expects the city’s share to be financed from multiple sources.