Baltimore County Unveils New Plan to Combat Homelessness

A June 26 WBAL Radio Segment discussed Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz recent announcement of a 10-year plan to alleviate homelessness.  The plan is based around seven key strategies designed to provide long term housing solutions and counseling and work training needs for homeless individuals.  From the WBAL text summary that accompanied the 5-minute audio clip:

Working with agencies that help the homeless, Kamenetz says the plan is about more than just expanding emergency shelters.

“Our goal is to try to identify a not only a  temporary housing need,  but also something that is more long term, so caleld  [sic] transitional housing, so that homeless people can have opportunities to get counseling on site and vocational opportunities to help end the cycle of homeless,” Kamenetz told WBAL News.

Kamenetz has put $550,000  in next year’s budget to help pay for the initiative.