Calvert County Commissioners Approve $242.9 Million General Fund Budget

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Calvert County Commissioners gave their final approval to the county’s fiscal 2015 budget during their meeting on June 3 providing additional funding for education and public safety.

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The general fund operating budget for the next fiscal year totals $242.9 million. It includes no tax increases. The $5.9 million being used to balance the spending plan comes from the prior year’s fund balance and will be used to cover $2.4 million in capital pay-go costs and to make a $3.5 million contribution to county employees’ Other Post-Employment Benefits Fund (OPEB).

According to Department of Finance and Budget Deputy Director Joan Thorp, the FY 2015 budget has increased by $10.4 million—a 4.5 percent increase compared to the current fiscal year’s adopted budget.

The spending plan includes increased funding for public schools ($1.9 million) and public safety ($1.5 million).

County government employees are receiving a 0.5 percent cost of living adjustment and a delayed pay step effective in January.

Additional information on the fiscal 2015 budget can be found on the County’s website.