Citizens to Decide on Talbot Council Members Pay Increase

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During the Talbot County Council’s legislative session on May 13, members approved by a 4-1 vote a measure to let voters decide whether council members elected in November should be paid more.

From The Star Democrat article:

Resolution 212 is a proposed county charter amendment that would increase the pay for council members from $14,400 to $16,500 per year, with an additional $1,000 for the council president.

Council members had been looking around at the compensation packages of other county councils and commissions in the Mid-shore area and found themselves lagging behind. Caroline County commissioners earn $15,000 annually and Dorchester County commissioners earn $16,000 annually, with both counties granting an additional $1,000 to the president. Queen Anne’s County commissioners just achieved a pay increase that will bring them up to $25,000 a year beginning in November.

To read more about this resolution, visit The Star Democrat online.