Resources Offered to Evaluate Municipal Finance Options

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s (MSRB) Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website is a resource for evaluating municipal finance options, complying with disclosure requirements and communicating with investors. An article in the recent edition of the NACo “County News Alert” describes the benefits.

EMMA’s online platform provides free public access to financial disclosure documents and trade data on more than 1.2 million outstanding municipal bonds. Municipal borrowers file their disclosures and other information on EMMA to make them available to investors.

MSRB’s “Putting EMMA to Work for You” campaign seeks to raise awareness by small to mid-sized municipal issuers about the importance of communicating with their investors on an ongoing basis.

At each outreach session, the MSRB provides practical guidance and tips about how issuers can use the EMMA website to their advantage to communicate with investors and comply with their disclosure obligations. The MSRB’s goal is to contribute to improved financial disclosure practices and enhanced transparency for the municipal market.

To schedule an outreach session, contact Ritta McLaughlin, the MSRB’s chief education officer, at 703.797.6714 or

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