Fiscal 2015 Operating and Capital Budget Conference Committee Reports Now Available

Fiscal 2015 operating and capital budget conference committee documents are now available on the General Assembly’s website.  As reported on Conduit Street earlier today, the Senate and House adopted the joint budget conference committee report on the floor this morning, finalizing the General Assembly’s actions on the fiscal 2015 operating budget.  The capital budget conference committee report has been presented to the House of Delegates and should receive its final approval on Monday.

A summary of actions affecting local governments in the fiscal 2015 operating budget can be found on Conduit Street.

In the fiscal 2015 capital budget, the conference committee rejected prior proposals to limit future spending on transfer tax funded programs like Program Open Space and Agricultural Land Preservation. More details can be found in a previous post on Conduit Street.

Links to the conference committee documents are provided below.

Report of the Conference Committee on Senate Bill 170 – The Budget Bill
Conference Committee Summary Document on Senate Bill 170 – the Budget Bill and Senate Bill 172 – the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act
Conference Committee Amendments

Report of the Conference Committee on SB 171 – The Capital Budget Bill

Final enrolled bills are not yet available.