Prince George’s to Create Urban Centers for People to Work, Live and Play

Prince George’s County recently announced a new strategy to promote growth around five of its metro stations. The strategy would make investments in infrastructure, financial incentives, and regulatory policies to encourage development in these areas.

From the Washington Post article:

The goal, officials say, is to focus on sites that show the most potential to turn into vibrant urban centers where people can work, live and play. The intent also is to send a message to developers and investors that the county is willing to take “dramatic steps” to encourage development around transit.

The county’s Metro stations are largely surrounded by undeveloped property, and therefore untapped economic potential. With the new initiative the county could accelerate projects that are deemed high quality and that promote walkable communities around the Branch Avenue, Largo Town Center, New Carrollton, Prince George’s Plaza and Suitland Metro stations.

This strategy is consistent with the county’s Plan 2035.