Electricians Licensing Bill Passes House With County Amendments

Senator Katherine A. Klausmeier

The House of Delegates passed the second reader of HB1119 Board of Electricians – Licensing and Regulation of Electricians with MACo’s amendments.  HB1119 as amended will create a statewide licensing program for Master, Journeymen, and Apprentice electricians while maintaining local enforcement authority for the provision of electrical services.

As described in MACo’s testimony, local electrical boards are best situated to oversee and discipline electricians working in our counties, and they have been effectively doing so for many years. As amended, HB 1119 preserves county electrical boards, maintaining their ability to discipline electricians practicing in their jurisdiction, and to sustain operations through registration and permitting fees.  In addition, many counties issue general, restricted or limited licenses to those providing specific services, such as low voltage connections, or for those new to the profession. As amended, HB 1119 also maintains the ability of counties to continue to issue these special licenses.

HB 1119 will proceed next to the Senate Rules Committee.  The Senate Rules Committee is Chaired by Senator Kathy Klausmeier, who also co-sponsored the crossfile of HB 1119 in the Senate.

For more information, see these previous post on Conduit Street: County Amendments Added to Electricians Licensing Bill; 2013 Electricians Task Force Report Released.

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