Montgomery County to Revise Zoning Code

On Tuesday the Montgomery County Council voted to revise the county’s zoning code.   From a March 4 Washington Post article:

Some of the changes are technical, designed to streamline and rationalize a 1,200-page document that has not been seriously revised in nearly 40 years. Over time, it has been swollen by more than 400 land-use categories (newspaper stand, flower shop), multiple tables, and confusing or antiquated terminology.

But the new code is also designed as a tool to shape a less car-dependent county where residents walk more, drive less and use mass transit.

This is a good step forward for Montgomery County,” said council member Nancy Floreen (D-At Large), who chairs the council’s planning committee.

While the revised code aims to limit sprawl residential construction in some commercial zones, council member Marc Elrich warned that the revisions do not adequately protect neighborhoods from commercial encroachment.  The article reported that the council may also revisit regulations covering the county’s agricultural zone.

For the full article, visit The Washington Post website.