MACo to Host an Informal Legislative Update in Place of Legislative Committee Meeting

The official meetings of the Legislative Committee and the various subcommittees on Education, Tax, and Land Use are cancelled for this week.  While we will not formally call the Legislative Committee meeting to order, MACo will host a legislative update meeting at 11:30 am on Wednesday, February 26

We will host Dr. David Lever from the State’s public school construction program for his annual update on school capital requests and related issues as planned, and will offer updates on current legislative issues from the MACo policy staff, including MACo’s legislative initiatives on highway user revenues, school funding partnerships, and failing septic systems.  We expect that this informal briefing will conclude (with lunch) before 1 pm, allowing attendees time to either attend public hearings or meet with legislators later in the day. 

We apologize if this has created any inconvenience. Given the unusual pacing of bill introductions this year, we have no new “Action Bills” for the Committee’s consideration.  We do anticipate having a regularly scheduled Legislative Committee next week. However, we will provide an update early next week as the work flow becomes clearer.