Potholes Causing Major Problems on Area Roadways

As reported by Channel 13 (WJZ-TV), potholes are causing major problems on Maryland’s roadways. From the segment:

The wear and tear of this winter weather is wreaking havoc on the roads. With storm after storm, an epidemic of potholes has broken out across Maryland.

Normally road crews don’t even start repairing potholes until the end of February but this year is so bad, they’re already out in full force.

This wicked winter is causing potholes to form faster than they can be filled and they’re doing some serious damage.

This is leading to expensive automobile repairs and, possibly the breaking of many county transportation budgets.  As formerly reported on Conduit Street, Allegany County has already depleted its salt reserves.  Expensive road repairs will further chip away at the county’s budget.

Potholes were also a conversation at a bill hearing yesterday to restore local Highway User Revenues (HUR).  SB 664, sponsored by Senators Edwards and Madaleno, was introduced at the request of MACo to incrementally restore HUR to local governments over a three-year time frame beginning in FY 2016. For decades, local roadways were funded  as one of the modes of transportation receiving 30% of HUR.  This percentage has been reduced to 9.6%.  Coverage of the bill hearing can be found on Conduit Street.

In his comments on the bill, MACo Past President and Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt talked about issues with potholes in his county. At the conclusion of the MACo panel, Committee Chairman Edward Kasemeyer asked how much it would cost the counties represented to repair the potholes this winter.  County Executive Pollitt speculated that it would take most of his roads budget.