Senate Minority Leader Addresses MACo Legislative Committee

Senator David R. Brinkley
Senator David R. Brinkley

Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley addressed MACo’s Legislative Committee on Wednesday, February 12 to discuss issues of importance in the Maryland General Assembly.  Senator Brinkley offered comments on topics ranging from local highway user revenues to the many bills that have been introduced to repeal stormwater management fees (or the rain tax as it is sometimes called.)

On local highway user revenues, he said we have a long way to go to recovery. On approaches to have local governments raise their own transportation revenues through local option fees or taxes, he called them “absurd” and not a good model.  Senator Brinkley also commented on the need to help small businesses by changing the tax structure on those who are self-employed or members of pass-through-entities, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and S-corporations.  In addition, he mentioned disparities that could be created through an increase in the minimum wage.

Members of the MACo Legislative Committee include representatives from Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. Each county gets one vote on the Legislative Committee. The committee meets regularly on Wednesdays at the MACo office during the General Assembly Session. During the interim, the committee meets quarterly to develop legislative priorities for the coming year.

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