Governor, Lt. Governor Ask Sustainable Growth Commission For Infill & Redevelopment Policy

In a January 22 letter to the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, Governor Martin O’Malley and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown complimented the Commission on its work to date and requested the Commission make recommendations “to accelerate Maryland’s infill, redevelopment, and revitalization efforts.”  The letter was a primary topic of discussion at the Commission’s January 27 meeting.

The letter specifically asked the Commission to review and address the following in its recommendations:

  • Making the best use of existing redevelopment and revitalization programs;
  • Implementing Transit Oriented Development in ways that maximize community and economic development benefits;
  • Funding and financing recommendations, making use of the recent Smart Growth Investment Task Force recommendations;
  • Streamlining and other regulatory relief;
  • Adequacy of existing plans such as PlanMaryland to address these issues;
  • Educational and training tools;
  • Tools for quality community design elements in redevelopment and infill projects; and
  • The role of the Smart Growth Subcabinet and its member agencies in implementing these recommendations.

The letter requested that the Commission submit its recommendations by August 31, 2014.