MACo Board Discusses Budget and Tax Policy with Senator Madaleno

MACo’s Board of Directors recently met with Senator Richard Madaleno to discuss budget and tax related policy issues that may be discussed and debated during the upcoming General Assembly session. The meeting took place as a part of MACo’s annual fall board retreat and also provided an opportunity for members to discuss the organization’s 2014 Legislative Priorities.

During discussions, Senator Madaleno commented on the projected budget shortfall for fiscal year 2015, but predicted that the Governor and General Assembly would take the path of least resistance to balance the budget due to the election year.  He also commented that the timing of the primary, mid-June, and candidate endorsements, many of which are taking place now, could affect the outcome of many pieces of legislation.

Much of the discussion focused on restoration of transportation funding. With new revenues already allocated for transportation projects across the State, Senator Madaleno speculated that opportunities for local funding could result from projects that may be delayed in the Consolidated Transportation Program.

Board members also discussed the fiscal effects of a recent local income tax Court of Appeals decision, which has been appealed to the Supreme Court for review; and MACo’s initiative to empower school board and county partnerships.