MACo Holds Administrators and Attorneys Conference

MACo held its 2013 Administrators and Attorneys Conference on October 9, at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, Maryland, to bring together officials from across the state to discuss issues of importance and the challenges they face in their counties.

The day blended administrative and policy issues.  During the first session, attendees heard from Kurt Fischer, a partner in the law firm of Venable LLP, about the consequences of a recent Supreme Court land use decision (Koontz Case) and its effect on the local permitting process.  Previous coverage of the Koontz Case can be found on Conduit Street. Mr. Fischer’s presentation is available here.

During lunch, Senator Brian Frosh shared his thoughts on issues facing local governments and the upcoming legislative session.  He mentioned the recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision to require legal representation during the bail hearing process, issues of interest for a commission examining public safety and security in jails, and speed cameras.

In the afternoon, the Administrators and Attorneys held two separate breakout sessions to discuss issues of interest.  The first Administrators’ session discussed zero waste and the challenges of implementing a zero waste policy.  Speakers included Marilyn Rybak, Manager of the Recycling Section of the Department of Environmental  Resources, Prince George’s County; Pamela Metz Kasemeyer, Counsel to the Maryland Delaware Solid Waste Association; and Steve Tomczewski, Executive Director of Environmental Operations, Maryland Environmental Service. The second session was a round table discussion facilitated by Carroll County’s Chief of Staff, Steve Powell,  on transition planning and council/commission procedures of operation.

The Attorneys held a round table and networking discussion with staff of the Attorney General’s Office and a roundtable discussion focusing on county relationships with constitutional agencies such as the Sheriffs, State Attorneys and Circuit Courts.

MACo would like to thank its conference sponsors, the Local Government Insurance Trust, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, and the Maryland Environmental Service.