Washington County Commissioners Approve County Office Reorganization

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Washington County Commissioners unanimously approved a plan at their October 8 Commission meeting to reorganize county offices, creating efficiencies and saving tax dollars.  From the Washington County press release:

The Board of County Commissioners of Washington County approved a senior management reorganization plan that continues County efforts to improve overall operations and services. Changes within the Public Works, Engineering & Construction Management, Plan Review & Permitting and Economic Development departments will be effective in the coming weeks. County Administrator Gregory B. Murray comments, “This reorganization not only improves our business focus through economic development and regulatory process improvements, but also does so at an overall reduced cost to our citizens and businesses.”

As reported by the Hagerstown Herald Mail:

The changes will enable the county to hire another engineer and plan reviewer for the Department of Engineering and Construction Management, Murray told the board.

The reorganization in the Division of Public Works, Division of Engineering and Construction Management and Department of Business Development will be “cost-neutral,” Murray told the board.

Commissioner William McKinley said before the vote that the moves are expected to cut costs by about $21,000.