MACo Encourages You to Use U.S. Communities for Your Purchasing Needs

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US CommunitiesMaryland Association of Counties’ (MACo) staff met with U.S. Communities’ Regional Program Manager, Tyler McCall, Thursday morning to discuss how MACo can help its members become more familiar with U.S. Communities’ services.

U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative, providing world class government procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education institutes, and nonprofits looking for the best overall supplier government pricing.

The program offers:

  • No User Fees – no costs or fees to participate.
  • Best Overall Supplier Government Pricing – by combining the potential cooperative purchasing power of up to 90,000 public agencies, you are able to access the best overall supplier government pricing.
  • Quality Brands – thousands of the best brands in a wide variety of categories, services and solutions.
  • Integrity and Experience – unlike other government cooperative purchasing organizations, U.S. Communities national government purchasing cooperative is founded by 5 national sponsors and over 70 state, city and regional organizations.
  • Oversight by Public Purchasing Professionals – our third party audits on contracts ensure that program pricing commitments are met, with benchmark analyses against other suppliers and retailers to guarantee participants the best overall value.

MACo encourages you to use the resources and the great services that U.S. Communities provides.  You can shop for anything from automotive to industrial to equipment to office supplies.

Get started with U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Cooperative today! Register to participate with U.S. Communities government purchasing cooperative now – it’s quick, easy and completely free – and learn how to purchase under any of our competitively solicited contracts.

For further questions, please contact Maryland’s regional program manager, Tyler McCall at or Leslie Velasco (MACo) at