Communication Tax Reform Commission Issues Final Report

The Maryland Communications Tax Reform Commission recently issued its final report, providing findings for future analysis instead of recommendations for reform. A previous blog post summarizes discussions from the last meeting.

Instead of voting on a proposal to reform communication taxes in Maryland, the group decided to submit a report with “findings” that would include the three proposals that were reviewed and discussed.  The Commission did not take a vote on any actions.

The final report also includes a summary of the principles offered by MACo and MML for reform.

The report findings are listed below.

  • the identification of the taxes and fees levied on communications services in Maryland;
  • the quantification of the communications revenue received by the State and local governments in fiscal year 2012;
  • the estimated revenue implications of implementing certain reform proposals;
  • the difficulties implicit in building-out broadband capacity to rural areas;
  • that a multitude of opinions on the benefits of, and optimal course for, reform existed among the Commission members; and
  • the identification of obstacles that complicate the prediction of communications revenues under any tax and fee structure.

The final report and all materials considered and discussed during the meetings can be found on the Commission website.