Much of Sequestration Sidestepped So Far

As reported in the Washington Post, some of the most dire predictions of sequestration’s impact have not come true.

Before “sequestration” took effect, the Obama administration issued specific — and alarming — predictions about what it would bring. There would be one-hour waits at airport security. Four-hour waits at border crossings. Prison guards would be furloughed for 12 days. FBI agents, up to 14. . . The Washington Post recently checked 48 of those dire predictions about sequestration’s impact. Just 11 have come true, and some effects are worse than forecast. But 24 predictions have not come to pass. In 13 cases, agencies said it is too soon to know.

This October, additional cuts are due to take place, however.  As reported in the Post,

In October, when the new fiscal year begins, so will another round of sequestration. The administration expects a $109 billion cut.

This time, it says, there will be fewer ways to soften its impact. Many of the easier trims have already been made. The White House is again pressing Congress to agree on a broader budget deal, and replace the sequester, before October comes.

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