Road Advocates: Feds Need Private Dollars For Transportation

A piece in the Better Roads “Roadologist Blog argues in support of private dollars being a part of the discussion on Capitol Hill with respect to transportation funding.

It’s hard to see a time in the foreseeable future where we will have a solid supply of funding from any single source to fill the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). That’s an asterisked statement of course because an increased gas tax could do it. But that won’t happen in the foreseeable future.  And neither will any other single form of funding become the savior of the HTF.

As long as that situation exists, looking for private money to spend on roads becomes an essential exercise.  To some extent the odds of it happening and happening effectively are secondary – it is an option and as such has to be, as the big guys on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee are fond of saying of any possible funding option, “on the table.”