U.S. Communities Delivers County Savings Through Nationwide Cooperative Purchasing

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance is a nonprofit purchasing cooperative, co-founded by NACo, delivering cost savings for products and services, and reducing overhead costs associated with competitive bids for government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits nationwide.

With a 20-year history and more than 55,000 participants, U.S. Communities is the established leader for delivering:

  • Savings – it’s free to join.  No cost or commitment to participate.
  • Efficiency – reduce time and resources for contract solicitation.
  • Value – Independent audits and quarterly supplier reviews ensures compliance.  Save on anything from webinars and training, green solutions, rebate programs, local purchasing options and more

U.S. Communities also offers an E-Commerce Marketplace.  Purchasing has never been easier—now you can purchase from many different suppliers within a single cart. Access the lowest
overall government pricing on thousands of top brands with flexible payment and shipping options.

Visit U.S. Communities for more information.

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